Patients with Dementia

Dementia, also called Senility, describes a variety of different symptoms getting caused by disorders especially affecting the brain. In this context it has to be said that Dementia does not present a disease. It can rather be compared with a loss of so-called cognitive ability. The result is that most patients with Demenz, ‘Demenz’ is the German word for ‘Dementia’, are not able any more to think well enough in order to look after themselves, live alone and organize life independently. Furthermore it may occur that many of these patients lose both their temporal and spatial sense of direction and do have problems considering their general perceptiveness as well as their retentiveness. By the way it is also possible that patients with Dementia see things that are actually not there or face general changes when it comes to their own personalities.

This is, however, the reason why the majority of patients with Dementia are not able to live alone. They are dependent on external aid because they cannot handle their lives by themselves. Old people’s homes, nursing homes as well as retirement homes do strictly speaking offer serious and comprehensive care facilities for people with Dementia. There is also the possibility of assisted living – a specific health care service which provides serious and profound assistance when it comes to different activities of daily living. If you are searching for continuative information considering retirement homes, assisted living residences as well as assisted living facilities, just have a look at – a website that offers a variety of interesting possibilities of finding more than 12 500 care facilities in Germany. Strictly speaking you can narrow your general search results by specifying your seeking inputs. So what are you looking for? Living with service, short-term care, inpatient care, ambulatory care, respite care or senior WG? In other words: as a nationwide senior care housing advisory service provides a wide range of ideal and high quality care facilities, each of them perfectly tuned to the respective medical needs of every single patient with Dementia.

Have you ever heard about Alzheimer’s disease (AD)? Strictly speaking Alzheimer’s disease represents one of many different diseases that may basically cause Dementia. When talking about Alzheimer’s disease we are generally talking about the most common form of Dementia regarding people after age 60. It has to be said that there does not exist any treatment or cure which could possibly stop Alzheimer’s disease. In other words: Alzheimer’s disease turns out to be degenerative. The only thing you can do is taking special drugs in order to keep symptoms and problems from getting worse. These drugs will only be effective for a limited time. By the way, Alzheimer’s disease can eventually lead to death. This disease is named after Alois Alzheimer. Alois Alzheimer was a German psychiatrist and neuropathologist – strictly speaking the person that first studied Alzheimer’s disease.