Hospitals and Clinics

The interior design of hospitals as well as clinics has to be well-thought-out. Strictly speaking this following article within the website will present the latest information and recent living trends in particular with regard to hospital, medical, clinical and health care design. First of all it has to be said that both hospitals and clinics do represent very complex buildings. Fact is that each hospital as well as each single medical clinic involves a wide range of different services of all kinds. These services include amongst others food service, medical examinations and treatments, clinical laboratories, operating and emergency rooms, imaging, surgery, housekeeping, bed management and human resource management (doctors, nurses, etc.). All in all these and other services can be summarized by means of specific termini that are going to be mentioned within the following schedule:

  • inpatient functions (bed management, etc.)
  • outpatient functions (wound care, etc.)
  • diagnostic functions (physical examinations, clinical diagnostics, etc.)
  • medical treatment functions (therapy, surgery, etc.)
  • administrative and organizational functions (office, etc.)
  • service functions (food service, supply, housekeeping, etc.)
  • research functions (clinical laboratories, etc.)
  • teaching functions (education and schooling of nurses, etc.)

Every sick room within a hospital or a clinic has to be provided with a few bedsides, a toilet, a bathroom, a TV set and some chairs. Apart from the respective sick room every patient has the possibility to adjourn to the lounge or recreation room. Strictly speaking the lounge or recreation room within a hospital or a medical clinic turns out to be a location for everyone. Fact is that a lounge or recreation room normally comes with a few desks each of them including some chairs or a couch. In most cases a recreation room, which is also known under the name of habitable room, possesses a TV set that actually turns out to be bigger than the ones being placed in so-called sick rooms.

Furthermore it has to be said that hospitals and clinics are featured with complex and high-capacity electrical, mechanical as well as general telecommunications systems. A number of well-skilled technicians and engineers are responsible for both the functional and operational efficiency of the whole system.